Coda release panic…

Filed under Intertubes, Software on May 8th, 2008

Panic’s Cabel writes on Coda’s mailing list, after someone asks when the next release is gonna be:

A company like Adobe, which has hundreds of engineers working on Photoshop, releases ONE version every two or three years, and maybe a single bug fix release in the interim. For the most part, we’re all cool with that, myself included! :)

But a shareware company that has, say, one or two people working on a product, is somehow expected to do releases every few months — even free major ones — or people start getting itchy.

Well, you don’t see people anxious for new releases of BBEdit or Transmit, even though those two programs are equally essential to many people’s workflow.

So it might have something to do with Coda missing some major features that should have been there from the beginning.

Like, say, multi-file search and replace.

P.S Oh, and people want new versions of Photoshop to happen more often tοo. Have we forgot the CS3 outcry?

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